Chilliwack releases Take Back this Land

By Bill Warriner & Roy L Hales

Most of us remember them from the 1970’s and 80’s when, according to Rolling Stone, “At their best, Chilliwack was the finest Canadian rock band, outrocking BTO and outwriting Burton Cummings…” Though the band has gone through several changes of membership, lead singer Bill Henderson remains. The following song is a cry for action in the 2015 election. Together the Henderson girls, Chilliwack releases Take Back this Land.

Chilliwack Releases Take Back This Land

According to video producer Bill Warriner, this song “is intended as a general call to vote against the anti-people Harper conservatives…. We will need a majority progressive government to undo the harm that has been done over the past 10 years.”

As Bill and May Henderson explain in their lyrics, we have been “living on corporate time” too long. “We gotta take back our democracy and build Canada again.”

Lead Singer Bill Henderson – from the video Take Back This Land
Three of the four Chilliwack members. The band’s members are Bill Henderson, Ed Henderson, Jerry Adolphe and Doug Edwards.- from the video Take Back This Land
The Henderson girls: Saffron, Camille & Ruby – from the video Take Back This Land

3 thoughts on “Chilliwack releases Take Back this Land”

  1. I have profound hearing loss, and desperately need to know what the actual lyrics are to this song. I have looked online, but can not find them. Can you please help?

    Thank you

  2. I’m glad you want to know our song! The Lyrics are.

    We’re gonna take back this country
    We’re gonna take back this land
    We’re gonna bring back our democracy
    And build Canada again

    We’re gonna take back this country
    We’re gonna take back this land
    We’re gonna bring back the heart and soul
    Of Canada again

    Haven’t we had enough
    Haven’t we had our fill
    Hasn’t it been too long
    Livin’ on Corporate time
    Feedin’ the bottom line, yeah but

    We know where we’re going
    We know what to do
    We will stand together
    Because our love is strong
    It’s gonna carry us on

    (chorus )

    Oh Canada
    We stand on guard for thee
    Oh Canada
    From sea to sea
    To shinin’ sea

    From deep blue lakes & rivers
    From towering Mountain peaks
    Over rollin’ hills and open plains
    The voices ring
    I hear the people sing

    (Chorus )

  3. An absolutely fantastic song very appropriate for the time we are in. Vote for anybody but Harper and encourage everyone you meet to do the same.

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