BC Greens Gained 4 Percentage Points

By Roy L Hales

The results of Mainstreet Research’s March 18-20 poll are out. Though the New Democratic party (NDP) is still well out in front, both they and the BC Liberals have fallen back 2 percentage points. This week’s surprise is that the BC Greens have gained 4 percentage points in terms of decided and leaning voters.

BC Greens Gained 4 Percentage Points

Courtesy Mainstreet Reseach

The gain is especially noticeable on Vancouver Island, where 26% of the respondents said they were either voting for, or considering the Green party. This puts them a mere 4% behind the second place BC Liberals, but still considerably behind the NDP (38%).

(A week ago I wrote that there may be a potential for them to win 2-3 seats in the southern part of Vancouver Island. UBC analyst David Moscrop recently mentioned the same spread, as the Green’s best case scenario, when interviewed by CTV news.)

“It’s a sharp uptick for the Greens this week – but the question is whether they will be able to maintain that support” said Quito Maggi, President of Mainstreet Research. “Only 42% of B.C. Green Party Voters say their support is strong – significantly lower than for the 3 other parties.”

Their greatest hindrance, revealed by this latest poll, is that 68% of the respondents were either unfamiliar with, or unsure of, party leader Andrew Weaver.

Christy Clark’s Biggest Hindrance

Courtesy Mainstreet Reseach

Premier Christy Clark’s biggest hindrance is that 55% of respondents do not think she is doing a good job and another 19% were “not sure.”

Though she pulled off a spectacular comeback in the 2013 election, it seems doubtful that her party can do it again.

Recent revelations of the BC Liberal’s political campaign contributions have led many to conclude they are essentially a tool of corporate interests.

New Billboard in Kelowna – Courtesy Jane Doe’s Twitter feed

Was it a coincidence that Clark’s administration reversed their position on the Kinder Morgan’s pipeline after receiving  $771,168 in campaign donations from the oil sector? 

What did the fossil fuel sector get for the $5.1 million they donated to the government between 2008 and 2015?

Is there a relationship between BC’s high housing costs and the fact 7 of the Liberal’s 10 largest campaign donors are developers?


Courtesy Mainstreet Reseach

(Though I usually leave interviews with NDP and Green candidates/lawmakers with good impressions, I often find myself thinking “scam” when dealing with the provincial government.)

Both opposition parties appear to have the people of British Columbia’s interests at heart.

According to Mainstreet, the NDP is handicapped by the fact many British Columbians “do not have a clear opinion of (their leader) John Horgan.”

If the NDP can maintain their lead (38% of decided and considering respondents) until May 9, John Horgan will be the next Premier of British Columbia.

His administration would have an incredible mess to clean up.

It will only get worse if the BC Liberals manage to maintain their hold on the province.

(I just finished the first of a series of interviews with candidates from my riding (North Island).  The NDP candidate, Claire Trevena, and I met for over an hour on Quadra Island. The resulting interview will be broadcast over Cortes Community radio (CKTZ,  89.fr) in two parts, on Wednesday March 29 & April 5 at 9 am. Green candidate Sue Moen has agreed to meet with me soon. BC Liberal candidate Dallas Smith has yet to  respond to my emailed requests for an interview.) 

Top Photo Credit: Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver – courtesy his constituency office.   

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