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Seed Paper

By Sarah Hales-Reid

As Valentine’s day approaches,the stores are filled with chocolates, cards, teddy bears, cinnamon hearts and flowers. Some of us buck against all the commercialism. Some will go the more ethical route of organic, fair trade chocolate and flowers. But what better way to spread the love than to give your dear ones your garbage? Actually, recycling would be more accurate.
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Easy Lavender Bath Salts

By Sarah Hales-Reid

Unlike many children, my early entrepreneurial efforts did not include lemonade stands. No, we earned our candy money by selling homemade jewelry and little bookmarks we had written, but our best sellers were the bath salts. My sister and I would take Epsom salts, some food coloring and whichever perfumes our mom would let us have, mix them together and sell them in sandwich baggies for twenty-five to fifty cents. Our salt mixing was no precise science. Some of them were quite powerfully scented, some of them might even have tinted the purchaser’s skin and bath tub, but they sold because people like baths. Well, more likely they bought them because they thought it was cute.
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Beeswax Tea Light Candles

By Sarah Hales-Reid

The first beeswax candles I ever made were at my 12th birthday party. My mother bought sheets of coloured beeswax, softened them with a hairdryer and then we rolled them. If I remember correctly, we used something like shoelaces instead of proper wicks. Needless to say they didn’t burn very well, but it was fun to try.
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Interview with Bamboo Skateboards

The ECOreport publishes a San Diego interview with Bamboo Skateboards

By Sarah Hales-Reid

Sarah Hales-Reid interviewed Jacquelyn Purvis and Mark Olson from the Oceanside company Bamboo Skateboards last Spring. Jacquelyn is the Visual Director and Graphic Designer and Mark is Director of Sales & Marketing.
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Flaxseed Hair Gel

By Sarah Hales-Reid

According to Greek mythology, from December 25 to January 6, our world is visited by Goblin-like creatures from the underworld called Kallikantzaroi. Some Greeks would hang bunches of tangled flax from the doorways to protect themselves. The creatures would then be forced to stop, sort out and count the strands until sunrise, thereby allowing themselves to be caught.
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