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Site C Dam: What Is The Prudent Solution?

by Roger Bryenton, P. Eng.(former), MBA, Energy Systems Consultant; Erik Andersen, Economist; Peter Boulton;
& Bill Schram.

The Minister of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources, Michelle Mungall, recently admitted that BC Hydro is in a “Financial Mess”. With deferred debt and multiple regulatory accounts, contractual obligations for electricity from independent suppliers now reaching $50 Billion or more, would a prudent solution be to incur another $12 Billion for an unnecessary project? “NO”!!!

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Appealing To Friends of the Peace River Valley

Request from the Peace River Valley

Dear Friends of the Peace River Valley, The Peace Valley Landowner Assoc. and Peace Valley Environment Assoc. decided to throw everything at the BCUC Site C review, so we retained energy expert Robert McCullough in addition to legal and communication expertise to guide and represent us through that process. In our efforts to save the Peace River Valley, we have worked together to ensure the relevant expert evidence was put before the Commission reviewing this project. In doing so, we have incurred great expense, and are now fundraising to help cover those bills. The work done during the Review will be invaluable as the effort to Save the Peace moves forward.

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Biocultural Ethics

By Bamidele Oni

The relationship between humans and their immediate environment is much more complex than we have always thought. This complexity is well defined in the relationship between biological and cultural diversity which has been found to be more direct, and that each influences the other to an extent. In a more explicit way, bio-cultural adaptability influences homogeneity, and which consequently results in habitat isolation for the reason of adaptive modification. The introduction of bicultural ethics is meant to change the narrative of ecological relationship from the predominantly mono-system status into the new possibility of recognizing the place of other pre-existing systems operating within an immediate environment and without necessarily changing the local setting that may exist.

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Sewage treatment debate causes a stink

The ECOreport reposts a story from Victoira, BC, where sewage treatment debate causes a stink

From Ecojustice

By Margot Venton, staff lawyer

When it comes to the debate over sewage treatment in Victoria and nearby municipalities, perfect must not become the enemy of good.

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