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Roy L Hales is the owner of the ECOreport and President of Cortes Community Radio , CKTZ 89.5 FM, where he has hosted a half hour program since 2014.He is a research junkie who has written over 1,800 articles since he was first published in newspapers during 1982. Some of them are reprinted on websites like Clean Technica, PV Solar Report and East County Magazine. Roy lives on Cortes Island, BC, Canada.

How MPOWERD Lights up People’s Lives

By Roy L Hales

MPOWERD makes solar lanterns, but they are also much more than that. They were founded in response to the Haiti earthquake. So I interviewed the President, Scott Kling, about how MPOWERD lights up people’s lives.

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Canada Investigating Alleged Chinese Solar Dumping

Originally Published by Clean Technica 

Another nation launches an anti-dumping investigation into Chinese solar….

By Roy L Hales

Canada is investigating alleged Chinese solar dumping. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is responding to a complaint from four Canadian manufacturers.

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Renewables Are Big Business In Canada And Getting Bigger

By Roy L Hales

According Clean Energy Canada’s report Tracking the Energy Revolution, last year there were more Canadians working directly in clean energy jobs – such as efficiency, clean transportation, biofuels, wind and solar energy –  than were directly employed in the oil sands. Roughly $6.5 Billion US was invested in this nation’s clean energy sector. Only  four of the five principal investment firms are either German or Japanese. Renewables are big business in Canada and getting bigger.

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What is Canada Missing?

By Roy L Hales

Canada will not meet its emissions targets for 2020. There has been improvements since 2005, but the oil sector is expected to produce 28% more emissions by the end of this decade. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he would like to regulate the oil sands, but that “would be crazy” in light of economic developments. Despite the global trend towards adopting renewable energy and smart technologies, the Canadian government continued to tie this nation’s economic future  to the fossil fuel industry. So what is Canada missing?

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The Strongest Fracking Rules in America

The ECOrteport interviews Amanda Frank, from the Centre for Effective Government about the strongest Fracking rules in America.

By Roy L Hales

Last summer Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection revealed that in 245 cases it had “determined that a private water supply was impacted by oil and gas activities.” Not too long after that, a joint study from the British Geological Survey and Durham University reported water contamination associated with 6% of Pennsylvania’s gas wells . There have been at least 122 complaints about water contamination in West Virginia. There is, as yet, no fracking in the neighboring state of Maryland, which also sit on the Marcellus Shale. The citizens of this region raised concerns about the impact development would have on “public health, the environment and quality of life.” Governor Martin O’Malley (D) responded with a interim moratorium. Maryland’s Departments of Environment and Natural Resources have been studying fracking operations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia for over three years. They have just released a report on (p 2 of attached) how fracking “can be accomplished without unacceptable risks of adverse impacts to public health, safety, the environment, and natural resources.” These are the strongest Fracking rules in America.

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