To Be The World’s Greenest City

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1“To Be The World’s Greenest City” is an ECO Radio interview with Vancouver’s Director of Sustainability, Amanda Pitre-Hayes, about Vancouver’s goal to be the World’s Greenest City.  Interview conducted by Roy L Hales.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • How the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found it was behind more than half of the 16 wild weather events in 2013.
  • The Greenest City Action Plan
  • Vancouver’s emissions are 6% below 1990 levels
  • The goal to lower carbon emissions as much as possible
  • a carbon neutral standard for new construction after 2020
  • the city’s drinking water
  • clean air standards
  • planting 100,000 new trees by 2020.
  • 44% of the trips currently made by Vancouverites are on foot, bicycle or public transit
  • vehicle share
  • a 19% increase in the number of green jobs. One out of every 20 Vancouverites
  • urban gardens


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