The ECOreport Web Platform

There is a sense in which the origins of the ECOreport web platform go back to the early 1980’s, when I started writing for community newspapers.

I was waiting for a response to my first draft of a book. The book was never finished. I have started several books since then and have yet to finish any of them. The problem being that I keep finding too many new possibilities. Correcting a draft invariably leads to a much larger and essentially “new” book, which needs to be corrected.

Writing articles is simpler.  Regardless of whether they take hours or days to research, you can finish quickly.  If you find new information, which frequently happens, you write another article. Idea in, article out: the process is almost machine like.

According to the software on this site, I wrote close to 1,100 of the articles on this site. If you include the articles published in community newspapers and magazines, I have probably had about 1,500 articles published since 1982.

All of which is to say if you look closely at the ECOreport web platform, you may detect the “feel” of a community newspaper.

I created the ECOreport web platform and registered it with the government of British Columbia at the end of Januray 2014.

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