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Filming The Quest For Tomorrow’s Solutions

By Roy L Hales

In 2012 French journalist Cyril Dion read a study1 stating that unless we take action now, humankind could disappear between 2040 and 2100. He shared his concerns with a friend, actress/filmaker Melanie Lauren. This ultimately led to their Global trek, filming the quest for Tomorrow’s Solutions.

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  1. Anthony D. Barnosky et al, “Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere”, NATURE, Nature 486, 52–58 (07 June 2012)

Solar is the Solution

Originally Published in Mother Earth News

Editors Note: The following article, written in , is considered one of the best explanations of why we need to develop solar energy. I have utilized more current photos for copyright reasons.

By Steve Heckeroth

We know that relying on coal, oil and natural gas threatens our future with toxic pollution, global climate change and social unrest caused by diminishing fuel supplies. Instead of relying on unsustainable fossil fuels, we must transform our economy and learn to thrive on the planet’s abundant supply of renewable energy.
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