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Climate Actions in Canada’s 2017 Budget

The ECOreport reposts an OP-ED supportive of the Liberal Government, Climate Actions in Canada’s 2017 Budget 

From Climate Action Network Canada

By Catherine Abreu

Today’s budget provides the financial backing we need to begin the serious work of implementing Canada’s climate framework and generating good, long-term jobs for Canadians. It also highlights several areas that need more work, particularly in building clean technology markets and ending fossil fuel subsidies.”

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Reducing Grid Bottlenecks with Smart Markets

The ECOreport reposts an OP-Ed from Germany, reducing grid bottlenecks with smart markets 

Press release from Agora Energiewende

The number of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels installed across Germany continues to rise as part of the country’s ambitious Energiewende, or energy transformation. The vast majority of new renewable energy systems are connected to local distribution grids, thus increasing the volume of electricity that must be transported between regions using high-voltage transmission lines. However, grid bottlenecks often prevent transmission between certain regions from taking place. To address this problem, Germany’s grid operators are forced to throttle the production of wind energy and/or activate alternative sources of power. The costs associated with redispatch and feed-in management exceeded one billion euros in 2015. With the further progression of the energy transformation, grid bottlenecks are expected to become an increasingly frequent occurrence.

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University Of Alberta Pioneering Smart Grid Technologies

The ECOreport reposts a story showing the University Of Alberta Pioneering Smart Grid Technologies

Originally Published on University of Alberta News

By Richard Cairney

Our existing electrical power distribution system predates new technology like electric cars, high-efficiency electrical appliances and electronic devices—and even simple things like new LED lights. The grid itself is designed to carry AC electrical power with a certain range of characteristics. However, many new high-efficiency devices and appliances operate on DC power and need to convert the AC charge; what’s more, the quality of power from renewable energy generators such as wind or solar producers isn’t a good match with the existing power grid. Private and public utilities need to protect this essential infrastructure and harsh restrictions on the quality of power they allow the grid to carry is a roadblock to the development of more renewable energy generation.

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Part 5 of 5 in the ECOreport’s series conveying the ideology of Local Power Inc. & community based utilities (CCA): Smartgrid

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMAmerica only uses about half of its electrical capacity. Some very expensive facilities are kept idling throughout the year, so that they can be available the two or three times they are needed. Many could be replaced by a much more efficient alternative. As the hardware in America’s aging electricity infrastructure reaches the end of its expected usefulness, smart technologies have provided a way to extend its’ usefulness. The SmartGrid makes it possible to integrate large amounts of intermittent renewable electricity into the grid.

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Energy Companies Should Disrupt Their Own Business

Jean-Luc Dormoy, IT expert and innovator, tells Energy Post’s Sonja van Renssen that Energy companies should disrupt their own business before others do it

Originally Published on Energy Post

By Sonja van Renssen

Energy companies can turn the threat of new rivals into an opportunity by taking charge of their own disruption, believes energy and IT entrepreneur Jean-Luc Dormoy. With a background in software, artificial intelligence and energy, Dormoy sets out a model for disruptive innovation inspired by the likes of Google and Uber in this exclusive interview with Energy Post. Dormoy: “IT is changing almost all industries. But IT on its own is not enough. The energy infrastructure also has to change.”

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Transmission Grid Loss

By Roy L Hales

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The world’s transmission lines are believed to have dropped approximately 1.4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity last year. That’s around 1.2 trillion metric tons of CO2 dumped into the atmosphere. Though it is unlikely these loses can be eliminated in the near future, there are ways to reduce them.
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What does DistribuTECH 2013 mean to US?

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1Visitors to DistribuTECH 2013 feasted on a virtual smorgasbord of newly unveiled hardware, software and data processing applications. This is where the Smart company’s come to unveil their latest solutions, as the flurry of newly issued press releases testifies. Tad Simmons took me along, through a skype connection to his cel phone. Continue reading What does DistribuTECH 2013 mean to US?