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Wildfire Threatens Forest Communities

The ECOreport reposts an OP-ED about how extreme wildfire threatens forest communities & What they are doing about it

Originally Published on the University of Alberta News

By Michael Brown

The ongoing Fort McMurray wildfire struggle joins an unsettling and suddenly growing list of calamities the likes of which Albertans, once upon a time, could only witness by flipping through a newspaper or watching the nightly news.

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Alberta’s Most Devastating Inferno

The ECOreport reposts an analysis of the Fort McMurray Wildfire: Is Alberta’s most devastating inferno the result of climate Change? Or just another Wildfire? 

Originally Published on University of Alberta News

By Bryan Alary

Record heat, tinder­-dry conditions contributed to Alberta’s most devastating inferno, says UAlberta wildland fire professor. Expect more extremes in the future.

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