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Solar Impulse Reaches Egypt

The ECOreport reposts an account of the first solar powered flight around the world: Solar Impulse Reaches Egypt

Originally Published on Clean Technica 

By Sandy Dechert

Solar Impulse — the zero-fuel marvel of 21st century aviation and harbinger of a new energy age — landed a bit early at the Cairo, Egypt International Airport this morning. Good weather helped. Over the past two days, the solar-powered airplane crossed its last ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, from west to east, to reach north Africa. The goal of the first ever round-the-world solar flight, an idea born in Switzerland, is to demonstrate how modern clean technologies can achieve what was formerly thought impossible, a transition from fossil to renewable fuels.

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Kickstarter For A Little Book About Climate Change

The ECOreport reposts a colleague’s kickstarter for a little book about Climate Change that allegedly says everything you never wanted to know and are afraid to ask

Originally Published on Kickstarter

by Sandy Dechert

This little book tells you Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Climate Change (and are afraid to ask). Earth still has a chance!

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Rich Countries vs Poor at Bonn Climate Talks

Who should pay for cleaning up the world’s greenhouse gas emissions? Should developing countries help those less developed? Rich Countries vs Poor at Bonn Climate Talks

Originally Published on Clean Technica

by Sandy Dechert

Friday marked the end of the week-long October international climate meeting (11th part of the second session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action) in Bonn, a runup to the first global climate change agreement in 18 years this December. As at previous meetings, a struggle between goals of the rich and poor countries dominated the discussion.
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$13.5 Trillion will Be Invested By 2030

The International Energy Agency calculated if World leaders fulfill the pledges made to the UN, for the Paris talks, $13.5 Trillion will Be Invested By 2030

Originally Published on Clean Technica

By Sandy Dechert

The International Energy Agency produced a World Energy Outlook special briefing today to reveal the energy sector implications of the national climate pledges (INDCs) submitted to the UN for its the upcoming climate summit in Paris (COP21). IEA estimates that in order to implement the climate investment pledges made to the UN by world leaders, the global energy industry must invest $13.5 trillion through 2030 in efficiency measures and low-carbon technologies. IEA’s analysis includes deployment of nuclear, wind, and solar power plus carbon capture and storage technologies. Download the briefing here.

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