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Big Oil Companies Investing In EVs

The ECOreport reposts an Op-Ed about diversification, Big Oil companies investing in EVs

Originally Published on Oilprice.com

By Jon LeSage

Speaking this week at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance conference in New York, Total SA’s chief energy economist, Joel Couse, forecasted that EVs will make up 15 to 30 percent of global new vehicle sales by 2030.
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Some US Oil Companies Want To Stay In Paris Agreement

The ECOreport reposts a story of unexpected allies, Some US Oil Companies Want To Stay In Paris Agreement

Originally Published on Clean Technica


 With insiders predicting Donald Trump’s senior advisers will aim to decide whether the United States will stay a part of the Paris climate agreement or not by Tuesday, a growing number of unlikely climate allies have arisen, including Washington’s new power-couple, JIvanka, as well as officials from fossil fuel companies such as Exxon and Shell.

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Oil Production Costs Are Higher Than 2011

The ECOreport reposts insight from the industry,  Oil Production Costs Higher Than 2011

Originally Posted on Oilprice.com

By Nick Cunningham

The oil majors reported poor earnings for the fourth quarter of last year, but many oil executives struck an optimistic tone about the road ahead. Oil prices have stabilized and the cost cutting measures implemented over the past three years should allow companies to turn a profit even though crude trades for about half of what it did back in 2014.

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Opportunities For Oil Companies To Develop New Energies

The ECOreport reposts a former Shell CEO’s opinion about the opportunities for oil companies to develop new energies

Originally Published on Energy Post

By Karel Backman

“The energy transition presents great opportunities for oil and gas companies to develop new forms of energy and gradually move away from fossil fuels”, says Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO and Chairman of Shell in an exclusive interview for World Energy Focus, a monthly publication of the World Energy Council produced by Energy Post. But the former Shell boss rejects the idea that the oil companies are in danger of ending up with large “stranded assets”, as some investors fear. “A country like Saudi Arabia may be concerned whether they can exploit all their resources, but the assets on the balance sheets of the international oil companies are resources they will develop over the next 20 years or so.”

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Traders Losing Faith In OPEC

The ECOreport reposts reports of Traders Losing Faith in OPEC as market prices continues to decline, a weekly round-up

Originally Published on Oilprice.com

By Evan Kelly

Chevron (NYSE: CVX) made news when it completed its $54 billion Gorgon LNG export terminal in Australia a few weeks ago. It also made headlines this week when it announced that it temporarily shut down the terminal due to technical difficulties, less than one month after its first shipment.

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Total Is Divesting Itself Of Coal

One of the World’s biggest fossil fuel companies admits fighting Climate Change must be a priority, Total is divesting itself of Coal

Originally Published on Energy Desk

By Helle Abelvik-Lawson

It’s not been a great year for the world’s coal giants. We’re hearing that China is using less coal and the value of their shares has plummeted.
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About Fracking

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1We are most likely going to hear a great deal more about Fracking. Aside from the fact California may soon have legislation as to how natural gas and oil companies can conduct their operations, there is currently an estimated 14 billion barrels of oil waiting in the Monterey Shale deposit (which stretches from Los Angeles to Northern California). Fracking is responsible for the resurgence of America’s natural gas industry. Though companies like San Diego Gas & Electric – and its corporate twin, South California Gas & Electric – do not appear to frack themselves, they do store, transport and distribute of natural gas. My own questions have distilled down to two:

1. If Fracking is essentially a transitional technology, bridging the gap until renewable technologies are ready to provide the world’s energy needs, is it doing the job?

2. In an interview with the BBC, Peter Voser of Royal Dutch Shell claimed that the technology is available and fracking can be done in a matter that is environmentally friendly. Mr Vosner called for increased regulation, but will this really eliminate the problems? Continue reading About Fracking