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British Columbia’s Fight For Sustainable Logging

The ECOreport interviews the producer of two short films about British Columbia’s fight for sustainable logging

By Roy L Hales

When Island Timberlands arrived in 2012, they found Cortes island residents waiting behind a blockade. The Vancouver Observer sent a young film maker to cover the story, but Daniel Pierce found more than just another clash between a logging company and local environmentalists. He is still documenting British Columbia’s fight for sustainable logging.
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Coalition Calls For End To Raw Log Exports & Old-Growth Logging

The ECOreport reposts news from a rally in Victoria where a worker & environmentalist coalition calls for end to raw log exports & old-growth logging

Originally Published on the Wilderness Committee

VICTORIA – Workers from the BC forest industry, First Nations’ representatives, environmental activists, and citizens rallied at the BC Legislature today. The diverse coalition called for a ban on raw log exports and a transition to sustainable second growth forestry.

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Entering the Incomappleux

The ECOreport reposts Damien Gillis’ description of his documentary film about entering the Incomappleux Valley

Originally Published on Common Sense Canadian

By Damien Gillis

How do we value wilderness? What metrics should we apply to an 1,800-year-old tree, or the tiny lichens that make their home on it? What numbers do we input into our calculator – ecosystem services rendered, tonnes of carbon sequestered, cubic metres of merchantable timber, jobs created? These are the questions that came to mind while filming my latest documentary, “Primeval: Enter the Incomappleux”, deep in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains in BC’s Kootenay region.

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Raw log exports skyrocket in British Columbia

Press Release from the Wilderness Committee

VICTORIA – The controversial practice of raw log exports – shipping unprocessed tree trunks overseas without adding any value here in BC – has reached all-time record levels in the last few years.
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