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Whale Tales

The ECOreport asks about whale tales and other wildlife sightings on the Cortes-Quadra ferry 

By Roy L Hales

In light of the wildfire situation in the interior of our province, it seemed like a good time for an update on the Strathcona Regional District’s emergency preparedness. Only there were three humpback whales along the route, as I crossed over to Quadra Island to meet with the district’s Protective Services Coordinator. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen whales along this route, but they were still whales in the area when I returned four hours later. So I asked I asked Jessica Towers, who works on this ferry, if she had any whale tales.

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Don’t Let Canada Condemn Orcas

The ECOreport reposts announcements about the Proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion: Don’t Let Canada Condemn Orcas

Press Release from Friends of The San Juans

This is an important time to act on behalf of, learn about, and celebrate the Southern Resident orcas…

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Threatened Southern Resident Orcas

The ECOreport reposts an OP-ED about the Pacific Northwest’s threatened Southern Resident Orcas

Originally Published on Defenders of Wildlife

By Elizabeth Ruder & Quinn Read

Every June, orcas get special attention in Washington. Orca Month was founded a decade ago by Orca Network to bring together researchers, advocates, and orca lovers to raise awareness of the threats facing these magnificent animals, and provide a community to celebrate orcas of the Salish Sea and west coast. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Orca Month in Washington, and now, thanks to an official proclamation by Governor Kate Brown, Oregon has joined the celebration.

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Animal Encounters In Northern BC

The ECOreport reposts a story of one of our province’s greatest attractions: Animal Encounters In Northern BC

Originally Published on Northword

By Matt Simmons

I remember distinctly the first time I saw a wolf outside a wildlife enclosure. I was trekking in Mount Edziza Provincial Park, about 350 km north of Kitwanga. Osborne caribou moved slowly across the vast alpine plateau, venturing onto scattered snowfields, likely to escape the incessant insects characteristic of lower elevations.

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