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Wildfires Are A Wake-Up Call

The ECOreport reposts another OP-ED about the accelerating pace of climate changes, wildfires are a wake-up call.

From the David Suzuki Foundation

By David Suzuki

Wildfires are sweeping B.C. Close to 900 have burned through 600,000 hectares so far this year, blanketing western North America with smoke. Fighting them has cost more than $230 million — and the season is far from over.

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BC’s Forests Produced 256 Million Tonnes of CO2

Our Greatest Ally In The War Against Climate Change is Ailing

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1British Columbia could be emissions free. The province’s forest cover is vast enough to absorb more carbon than we actually need to use. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Forests has not been doing a good job since the Liberal Government took power. Instead of storing carbon, BC’s forests now emit carbon. So many trees have been clear cut, infested by Mountain Pine Beetles or burned in forest fires, that BC’s forests produced 256 million tonnes of CO2 in the decade following 2003.

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