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Oil Prices Could Be Lower For Longer

The ECOreport reposts an analysis of market conditions, Oil prices could be lower for longer

Originally Posted on Oilprice.com

By Nick Cunningham

Oil prices have cratered in recent weeks, dipping to their lowest levels in more than seven months and any sense of optimism has almost entirely disappeared. All signs point to a period of “lower for longer” for oil prices, a refrain that is all too familiar to those in the industry.

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What Are OPEC’s Choices?

The policies that many blame for the collapse of oil prices, may be reviewed when OPEC meets in December. Will it hold to the course set by Saudi Arabia? Or will other member states force a change? What are OPEC’s choices?

Originally Published on Oilprice.com

By Dalan McEndree

OPEC next gathers December 4 in Vienna, just over a year since Saudi Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi announced at the previous OPEC winter meeting the Saudi decision to let the oil market determine oil prices rather than to continue Saudi Arabia’s role of guarantor of $100+/bbl oil.

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Building Pipelines To Nowhere

The collapse of oil prices is part of a larger change in the World’s energy industry. Another Double hitter from Tomdispatch: Michael T. Klare’s ” Double-Dip Oil Rout” &  Tom Engelhardt’s introductory Tomgram. They suggest companies like Enbridge, Kinder Morgan, TransCanada etc may be building pipelines to nowhere.

Originally Published on TomDispatch.Com

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Big Oil in Retreat

On July 14, 2011, at TomDispatch, Bill McKibben wrote that he and a few other “veteran environmentalists” had issued a call for activists to descend on the White House and “risk arrest to demand something simple and concrete from President Obama: that he refuse to grant a license for Keystone XL, a new pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico that would vastly increase the flow of tar sands oil through the U.S., ensuring that the exploitation of Alberta’s tar sands will only increase.” It must have seemed like a long shot at the time, but McKibben urged the prospective demonstrators on, pointing out that “Alberta’s tar sands are the continent’s biggest carbon bomb,” especially “dirty” to produce and burn in terms of the release of carbon dioxide and so the heating of the planet.

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