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Whale Tales

The ECOreport asks about whale tales and other wildlife sightings on the Cortes-Quadra ferry 

By Roy L Hales

In light of the wildfire situation in the interior of our province, it seemed like a good time for an update on the Strathcona Regional District’s emergency preparedness. Only there were three humpback whales along the route, as I crossed over to Quadra Island to meet with the district’s Protective Services Coordinator. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen whales along this route, but they were still whales in the area when I returned four hours later. So I asked I asked Jessica Towers, who works on this ferry, if she had any whale tales.

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Humpback Recovery Depends On Habitat Preservation

The ECOreport looks at news of a study showing that humpback recovery depends on habitat preservation

Originally Published on Oregon State University News

NEWPORT, Ore. – Humpback whales can migrate thousands of miles to reach feeding grounds each year, but a new study concludes that their fidelity to certain local habitats – as passed on through the generations – and the protection of these habitats are key to understanding the ultimate recovery of this endangered species.

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Northern Gateway Suit In Court

The ECOreport reposts Ecojustice’s explanation of  why the Federal Court of Appeal should revoke the federal government’s approval, the Northern Gateway Suit In Court

Originally Published on Ecojustice

By Devon Page

The Hearing on Enbridge’s controversial pipeline project begins tomorrow. Opponents of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project will finally get their day in court. Or, to be more precise, six days in court.

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Unraveling The Mystery Of Alaska’s Dead Whales

They were first reported last May and by August 20th there more than 30. Unraveling the mystery of Alaska’s dead whales

Originally Published on Defenders of Wildlife Blog

By Karla Dutton

The state of Alaska is huge. With a coastline covering more than 31,000 miles, it can be overwhelming to the trained volunteers, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) agency staff and marine scientists who police it looking for stranded marine mammals. These whales, dolphins, walruses and other animals can strand or wash up on very remote shores. Sometimes they survive, but sadly sometimes they do not. And pinpointing the cause is a challenge.

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