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Preparations For Kinder Morgan Pipeline Referendum Continue

The ECOreport reposts news that BC’s preparations for oil tanker referendum continue

Originally Published on the Dogwood Initiative

BURNABY – Organizers with B.C. citizen group Dogwood Initiative are continuing with preparations for an eventual referendum on oil tankers despite the appointment of a new advisory panel to study Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion proposal.

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Why Metro Vancouver Voted NO

Metro Vancouver’s plebiscite on transit funding has resulted in 62% of voters saying “no” to a sales tax hike. Associate Professor Werner Antweiler of UBC’s Sauder School of Business discusses why Metro Vancouver Voted No, and what we can expect to happen now.

Originally Published on UBC News

Why did the referendum fail?

The provincial government pursued a risky strategy by putting this to a vote; it’s often difficult to convince people that investments today yield enough benefits tomorrow. For many voters, the benefits are not sufficiently tangible. Voters in Langley – who overwhelmingly voted No – see fewer benefits from improved public transit than voters in the City of Vancouver.
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