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A Different Vision For British Columbia’s Forests

The ECOreport publishes an OP ED:  what a film maker learned on Cortes Island, a Different Vision for Forestry in British Columbia

By Daniel J. Pierce

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMDaniel J. Pierce is a Victoria-based documentary filmmaker. He is almost finished production on a documentary series entitled Heartwood: A West Coast Forestry Documentree. He is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the post-production of this series. Please click here to watch his pitch video and learn more about his project. And enjoy the brand new Heartwood trailer below.

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Forestry: Quality Always Takes Time

Originally Published in the Eco Forest Journal

By David Shipway

As a woodworker on the drier southern BC coast with a very small woodlot, and some working familiarity with the timber journey -from seed to old tree and from sawn lumber to sailboat, it seems obvious to me that there’s still a tug of war between two polarized goals in forestry. One strives for Quantity, the other strives for Quality. It’s a simplification I know, but then we could also call it Ishmael’s battle between Takers and Leavers, and ask who is winning. Nearly always in our modern addiction to economic growth, gross volume wins over real value. But the short-term quest for higher quantity has already severely compromised long term timber quality in many coastal watersheds. Does this have to be the eternal dilemma in our transient relationship with wild forests, trees and wood? Or is this really a false dichotomy built on ignorant assumptions? Is there a better middle path, a more gracious future in a truly sustainable forestry?
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