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EU Capacity Mechanisms May Be Badly Designed

The ECOreport reposts EU Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestige’s interim report points to “room for improvement,” EU capacity mechanisms may be badly designed

Originally Posted on Energy Post

by Sonja van Renssen

EU member states are setting up capacity mechanisms that may be unnecessary, expensive and badly designed. This is the conclusion of the European Commission’s Competition Directorate in the interim report of its first ever “sector enquiry” into capacity mechanisms as a form of state aid for electricity producers. But the report shows that DG Competition has a different view than DG Energy about the future of the EU’s energy market design, writes Sonja van Jenssen from Brussels.

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Staking Our Future On Natural Gas

Some of the biggest companies in the World were at the World Gas Conference in Paris. They believe  gas will be the world’s “fuel of choice”, because it is “the cleanest fossil fuel”, “abundant” and “competitive”. In the article that follows Karel Beckmen argues they may be “betting on the wrong horse” and staking our future on natural gas. 

Originally Published on Energy Post

By Karel Beckmen

“The question before us today defines our industry and perhaps our society in the 21st Century.” The “question” that Robert Franklin, President of Exxon Mobil’s Gas and Power Marketing Company, was referring to, during a panel debate at the World Gas Conference in Paris (1-5 June), was that of “how to meet the world’s energy demand while reducing the risk of climate change”. The answer to both sides of this question, he said, increasingly was: natural gas.

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