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Germany’s EV Infrastructure Grows 27%

The ECOreport reposts another story of the transition to cleaner transportation, Germany’s EV Infrastructure Grows 27%

Originally Published on Clean Technica


The vitality and satisfaction of early EV adopters keeps on increasing. A vast market of electric car enthusiasts is prompting companies to offer more electric cars and more charging stations. Cleaner air, quieter roads, quieter neighborhoods, and precision autonomous features are where it’s at. With all the new varieties, growing ranges, and broadening styles of EVs, consumers see more charging spots at community places as important to their new lives.

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Giant UK Battery Tackles Challenges In Energy Storage

The ECOreport reposts another story of universities working with industry Giant UK battery tackles challenges in energy storage

Originally Published on University of Sheffield News

Giant UK battery launched to tackle challenges in energy storage

  • £4 million battery facility launches today at Willenhall substation near Wolverhampton, UK
  • The facility will be the fastest and one of the largest battery energy storage systems in the UKE.ON and Uniper will use battery for testing storage technology
  • One of the UK’s largest battery-based energy storage facilities has been connected to the grid as part of new research led by the University of Sheffield on the growing area of energy storage.

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E.ON Leads Germany’s Renewable Grid

The ECOreport looks at a European utility that claims to obtain more than 80% of its electricity from renewables. E.ON Leads Germany’s Renewable Grid

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMNo other utility company has more installed renewable capacity or uses a stronger proportion of renewably produced electricity. According to recent press releases, the utility giant E.ON leads Germany’s Renewable Grid.
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EU’s first State of the Energy Union report

Originally Published on Energy Post

By Sonja van Renssen

The EU’s first State of the Energy Union report is determinedly optimistic on progress, but offers little new information and appears to take just a small step towards resolving the biggest challenge of all: uniting national interests around EU priorities. Published by the European Commission on 18 November, the report is accompanied by a whole suite of studies in areas from energy security to climate action. The package sets out achievements to date and legislative proposals to come in 2016.

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The Need To Define LNG’s Future

A rambling Energy Post interview the future CEO of E.ON’s spinoff “Uniper,” in which he talks about the market, emissions and the need to define LNG’s future

Originally Published on Energy Post

By Sonja van Renssen

The EU should define how much gas it wants by when, and recognise that Nord Stream 2 can provide additional security of supply, argues Klaus Schäfer, the incoming CEO of E.ON spin-off Uniper in this exclusive interview with Energy Post. Schäfer, who is currently Board member of the E.ON Group, says Europe is further away than ever from a single market for electricity and calls on policymakers to recognise that security of supply has a cost. He backs a reformed carbon market, but expresses doubts over the future of carbon capture and storage (CCS).

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The Launch Of Go Solar In The UK

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1England isn’t known to be a sunny country, neither is Germany. Both nations are leaders of Europe’s renewable development and hosts to the partnership between Europe’s largest utility and one of the leading U.S. solar companies. E.ON’s collaboration with Sungevity entered a third country with the launch of Go Solar in the UK.

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In Europe, It Is Natural Gas And Gazprom

When North Americans talk about Pipelines, they are usually thinking about bitumen from Alberta’s tar sands. In Europe, it is natural gas and Gazprom

Reprinted from Energy Post

by Szymon Kardaś and Agata Loskot-Strachota

On 18-19 June, during the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Gazprom signed a protocol with Shell, Eon and OMV on the construction of a new gas pipeline from Russia via the Baltic Sea to Germany (i.e. another Nord Stream); an Agreement of Strategic Cooperation with Shell; and a memorandum with Greece on the construction on Greek territory of a gas pipeline which is intended to be an extension of the Turkish Stream project.
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Future Energy World Drifted Far From Classical One

Reprinted from Energy Post.

In one of the first in-depth interviews given by Johannes Teyssen, CEO of Eon, after the company announced its radical new strategy in December last year, Teyssen says that “the energy world of the future” and “the classical energy world” have “drifted so far apart that they require different entrepreneurial approaches”. He notes that the company’s new strategy is not based on German or even European politics, but “on more fundamental, global trends”. The interview was The interview was conducted by Alex Forbes and published by World Energy Focus, the free global monthly magazine of the World Energy Council (WEC), on 5 March. Teyssen is former European Chairman of the WEC.

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Sungevity As The Partner Of Choice For Utilities

By Roy L Hales

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 3.43.47 PMAlec Guettel is back in North Carolina. It has been decades since he obtained his bachelor of arts in Political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Guettel and another of Sungevity’s executives are staying at the local Mariott, while they oversee the company’s entrance into the state. They will also be attending the NC Clean Tech Summit , where Geuttel will be one of the key people in a panel discussion on February 20, 2015. He took my call in his hotel room. In the course of our interview, Guettel said, “we have really positioned ourselves as the partner of choice for utilities.”

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