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Where Have All the Salmon Gone?

The ECOreport posts a link to Roy L Hales’ documentary Where Have All The Salmon Gone?  

Originally Posted on the Deep Roots Initiative, Cortes Community Radio (CKTZ)

Episode #4: Where Have All the Salmon Gone?

Roy L Hales, Program Producer

Narrator: “… Fishing was once a cornerstone of British Columbia’s economy, but we’ve been hearing stories of diminished runs and out of work fishermen for years. Roy Hales lives on Cortes Island, where the fishing industry seems to be mostly spoken about in the past tense. So he set out to find out where have all the salmon gone.”

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25,000 Canadians Seek Justice For The Mount Polley Disaster

The ECOreport reposts an update on the lawsuit, 25,000 Canadians Seek Justice For The Mount Polley Disaster

Originally Published on Mining Watch

Williams Lake (B.C.), March 27 2017. As Federal Crown Prosecutors move today in B.C. provincial court to stay (i.e. shelve) MiningWatch’s private charges over the Mount Polley mine disaster, the mining watchdog is releasing the names of over 25,000 Canadians who have endorsed a petition urging the Trudeau government not to let those responsible off the hook for the biggest mining spill in Canada’s history. Local residents, regional groups, and First Nations support the effort to enforce the Fisheries Act.
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Good News About BC’s Fishing Runs

The ECOreport went looking for evidences of the industry’s decline and instead found good news about BC’s fishing runs

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMAside from the incredible run of 2010, reports of the Fraser River’s sockeye salmon tend to be glum. I believe there is only one Cortes Island based fisherman still working the Johnston strait and recently learned this is the second year he did not receive an opening to fish sockeye.1 Though the culprits were last year’s drought and a culvert (close to my home), most of the chum returning to Basil Creek in 2015 were killed before they could spawn. These were just a few of the stories that prompted me to seek out evidences of the impending demise of what was previously one of our province’s leading industries. Instead, I found good news about BC’s fishing runs.

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  1. Roy L Hales interview with Thea Block, daughter of said fisherman

A Victory For Wild Salmon

Alexandra Morton’s struggle against fish farms has made her a folk heroine in British Columbia. Two years ago, she approached the legal firm ecojustice with a report that aquaculture company Marine Harvest Inc. had transferred Atlantic salmon infected with piscine reovirus (PRV) into net pens located along the Fraser River salmon migration route. Many Scientists believe piscine reovirus as the most likely cause of Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation (HSMI), a severe disease that affects the muscles and heart of salmon and in many cases causes death. Ecojustice sued the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, arguing they must take responsibility for determining if and when it is safe to transfer fish into net pens in the open ocean. This is the story of the court victory they won on May 6 and Alexandra Morton talks a little about what comes next.

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