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British Columbia’s Fight For Sustainable Logging

The ECOreport interviews the producer of two short films about British Columbia’s fight for sustainable logging

By Roy L Hales

When Island Timberlands arrived in 2012, they found Cortes island residents waiting behind a blockade. The Vancouver Observer sent a young film maker to cover the story, but Daniel Pierce found more than just another clash between a logging company and local environmentalists. He is still documenting British Columbia’s fight for sustainable logging.
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Cortes Island’s Quest For Sustainable Logging

The ECOreport looks at the how the first cut is proceeding in Cortes Island’s quest for sustainable logging 

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMMost of the great forests that once covered the West Coast are gone. Though there is still an extensive canopy, the trees are scraggly compared to the stumps and historical photographs left from decades ago. The clear cutting in British Columbia is so extensive that, since 2003, the forests have been emitting rather than storing carbon. Some call for a more environmentally sensitive industry and an example of Cortes Islands quest for sustainable logging is about a mile from my home.

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The Basil Creek Watershed

From Ramshackle Pictures

Cortes Island activist and biologist, Sabina Leader-Mense, takes Wilderness Committee Vancouver Island campaigner, Torrance Coste, on a tour of the Basil Creek Watershed—a spectacular grove of unlogged, ancient forest, and the very first area on Island Timberland’s cut-block. The Basil Creek Watershed

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