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Brexit’s Impact On Air Pollution

The ECOreport reposts an OP-ED about the upcoming UK referendum. If the separatists won, what would be Brexit’s impact on air pollution? 

Originally Published on Greenpeace Energydesk

by Emma Howard

Up to 4200 more people could be at risk of premature death from air pollution in 2030 if the UK fails to sign up to new legislation as a result of exiting the European Union, an analysis by Energydesk has found.

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EU Capacity Mechanisms May Be Badly Designed

The ECOreport reposts EU Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestige’s interim report points to “room for improvement,” EU capacity mechanisms may be badly designed

Originally Posted on Energy Post

by Sonja van Renssen

EU member states are setting up capacity mechanisms that may be unnecessary, expensive and badly designed. This is the conclusion of the European Commission’s Competition Directorate in the interim report of its first ever “sector enquiry” into capacity mechanisms as a form of state aid for electricity producers. But the report shows that DG Competition has a different view than DG Energy about the future of the EU’s energy market design, writes Sonja van Jenssen from Brussels.

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